Zortrax wants to print teeth.

Zortrax wants to print teeth, implants and dentures

3D printing company Zortrax has set up a subsidiary, Zortrax Dental, to produce dental printers exclusively for prosthetic and orthodontic components, reports rp news service.en.

As we read, Zortrax has developed a special 3D printer dedicated exclusively to spatial printing of dental components, used m.in. in orthodontics and prosthodontics. The first such printer is expected to hit the Polish market soon. With her help, it will be possible to create perfectly tailored crowns, bridges, implants and even entire dentures for patients.

Zortrax Dental, a newly founded subsidiary of the company, wants to debut on the NewConnect in the first half of next year. Zortrax executives stress that the market could be worth up to $1 billion globally. – The 3D printing market for dentistry is very receptive, so we are taking concrete steps to meet the demand. Creating a dedicated company for the dental industry is one of the elements of the strategy to diversify the business in the coming years – told rp service.pl Mariusz Babula, vice president of Zortrax.

In 2020. Zortrax has sold nearly 30 thousand. 3D printers to 75 countries.

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