Poland in the system of EU COVID Certificates as of June 1

Poland from June 1 in the system of EU COVID certificates

On June 1, Poland joined the system of EU COVID Certificates (UCC), which are designed to make it easier to travel in the EU during an epidemic. The full launch of the system for Community countries is scheduled for July 1. The most important information about this solution will be available in Polish and English on the website.gov.en/certificate.

Poland has successfully completed the procedure for joining the central technical solution for EU COVID certificates maintained by the European Commission. Our country is among the seven countries that are already ready to issue certificates on the first possible date, that is, from June 1 – informed Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health.

The EU COVID Certificate is a mutually recognized document in the EU containing a QR code and a unique identifier, facilitating the verification of the traveler in terms of epidemic risk.

The head of the health ministry stressed that the EU COVID Certificate is intended to facilitate movement around the EU in times of epidemics. – The system of EU certificates was created primarily to facilitate foreign travel. It will also be useful when returning to the country. Having it, we will be exempted from quarantine after crossing the border. In addition, in the case of family events, those with such a document will not be counted in the limit of people – indicated the Minister of Health and stressed that the EU certificates are only a certain possibility, which every citizen, after meeting certain conditions, can use, but they are not mandatory.

The prerequisite for receiving such a document is to receive the vaccine on COVID-19 (in the case of a certificate from tit. vaccination), a negative PCR test result, or a RAT test result, i.e. a so-called "negative" result. rapid antigen tests (if certified with tit. of the test), or a positive PCR test result older than 11 days (in the case of a certificate with a title of UCC). past infection).

As of June 1, the certificate in Poland can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet Patient Account website in PDF form suitable for presentation on mobile devices and for printing (logging in via patient.gov.pl). After June 25, the UCC will also be available in the myIKP and mCitizen applications.

The certificate can also be obtained as a paper printout at the vaccination center. Recovering patients or those with a negative coronavirus test result will be able to receive a UCC in the form of a paper printout from any medical professional who has access to the office application.gov.en means e.g. From a doctor or nurse from a primary care clinic. Certificates will be issued after each dose of the vaccine with a clear indication of the cycle (1/2, 2/2, 1/1). In Poland, the certificate will be valid 14 days after the last dose of vaccine. This is the time it takes to gain immunity after a full vaccination cycle. However, this does not mean that each member state will honor such a certificate from the first dose (this is an individual decision of the EU state).

Member states may recognize certificates under certain conditions (e.g. The number of doses received, the validity period of the tests performed, the obligation to test children according to age, etc., Therefore, each time you should check the current regulations in the country of destination and the country you are returning to due to the fact that they may differ e.g. regarding the age of the child up to which the test is required.

A helpful tool in this regard is the RE-open EU application https://reopen.europe.eu/en/, which allows you to check the rules currently in force in each member state.

Different expiration dates

Depending on the reason for issuance, the UCC has different expiration dates. The certificate confirming the status of being a recovered person will be issued 11 days after receiving a positive PCR test result confirming COVID-19 infection, and will be valid for 180 days. In the case of a certificate issued by Poland for a negative test result for COVID-19 infection, it may be 48 hours for PCR test and antigen test. In the case of vaccination, this will be 12 months.

Where the UCC is recognized?

UCC will be honored within the European Union and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. The EU COVID Certificate system will gradually be expanded to include similar systems created in other countries around the world. The expansion of the EU system will be decided by the European Commission.

UCC verification

During the inspection by the relevant services, the QR code will be scanned with a special application "EU COVID Certificate". The app after June 10 will be available on Google and AppStore. During the verification process, the status of the certificate holder and the identity of the holder, the authenticity and validity of the certificate will be verified.

UCC for kids

Certificates can be issued on behalf of people who are not authorized to do so – also to parents on behalf of their children. A certificate issued in this way will cover a child as long as he or she tests negative for COVID-19.

Legal basis in effect as of July 1

Not all EU countries may be connected to the unified EU system by July 1. The regulation introducing the legal basis for cross-border use of the system is to come into force as of July 1, with a six-week transition period for countries that require more time to introduce these digital solutions.

It is still unclear how long post-vaccination protection from COVID-19 will last, and how often these vaccinations will need to be repeated. – I am cautiously optimistic on this subject – says in an interview with Dentonet a virologist, Dr. hab. n. med. Tomasz Dzieciątkowski.

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