Hot weather dangerous not only for children and the elderly

Hot weather dangerous not only for children and the elderly

The prevailing hot weather in Poland can be dangerous not only for young children and seniors, doctors warn. As a result of disregarding the danger, young, healthy people can also become victims, said PAP prof. Zenon Brzoza of the University Clinical Hospital in Opole.

Doctors and emergency services are appealing for special attention during the hot weather prevailing across the country. They are also a reminder of the rules to follow during high air temperatures.

Experiment conducted at the University of Technology in Wroclaw in 2019. showed that the temperature in a passenger car exposed to the sun's rays very quickly reaches 40 degrees Celsius, and elements of the vehicle's equipment can heat up to more than 60 degrees.

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University Clinical Hospital in Opole prof. Zenon Brzoza, considers such conditions dangerous to human health and life. – Conditions in a car that is closed and parked in the sun for an extended period of time are extreme. They are dangerous to the health and even life of anyone who spends too long in them. We pay attention to young children, and rightly so, because they can't tell us how they feel. However, this danger also applies to the elderly and people with chronic diseases such as hypertension or have respiratory problems. The sight of a sleeping person in a closed car in the current weather should arouse our attention, even if it is a man in his prime and not seeming ill at first glance – reminds doctor.

Professor Brzoza also draws attention to another danger resulting from cooling down too quickly in the heat, accompanied by the so-called "heat stroke". thermal contrasts.

If someone is basking in the sun for a long time and to cool off suddenly decides to jump into the water, it can even lead to cardiac arrest. When cooling your body, try to do it gradually, in stages. A rapid change in temperature is not just a matter of feeling comfortable, but of health and even our lives. Similarly, when driving a car that has become hot at a standstill. Before you start your journey, air it thoroughly so that the heated air comes out of its interior before you take your seat behind the wheel. During hot weather, avoid physical exertion and do not stay in open spaces unnecessarily. It is better to stay in the shade and postpone physical activity until early morning or evening. And let's remember the need to constantly hydrate the body with neutral or isotonic drinks. To effectively cool down, the human body requires water. Preferably not too cold and drunk frequently, in small amounts – reminds prof. Birchbox.

Knowledge of the management of patients with hemostatic disorders is of great importance, especially for dentists performing invasive procedures. How to conduct a medical history before such treatment? Responds Dr. n. med. Magdalena Górska-Kosicka from the Department of Hemostasis Disorders and Internal Diseases at IHIT in Warsaw.

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