Prophylaxis 40 PLUS regulation signed

Regulation „Prevention 40 PLUS” signed

As of July 1, every Polish over 40. A year old will receive a one-time access to a free package of diagnostic tests. Minister Adam Niedzielski today signed the regulation for the „Prevention 40 PLUS” program, which went through the public consultation process. To increase accessibility to specialists from July 1 to the end of 2022. admission limits will also be lifted.

A society that does not take proper care of its health finds it harder to get through an epidemic such as the coronavirus outbreak we are currently facing. A higher number of hospitalizations or serious complications are often the result of an accumulation of diseases from which the patient suffers, being unaware of it. "Prevention 40 PLUS" is thus intended to help restore health after the epidemic, but also to prepare Poles for such events in the future. So let's take care of our health and take advantage of the proposed prevention project – says Health Minister Adam Niedzielski.

To take advantage of the examination package, you need to fill out a questionnaire placed in the Internet Patient Account (IKP), which will allow you to assess risk factors. This will generate an order for a gender-appropriate examination package. For those who do not use the form placed in the IKP, support is provided by a consultant on the Home Medical Care hotline.

Each eligible person will be able to take advantage of a package of diagnostic tests at a point that will implement the "Prevention 40 PLUS" program. It is enough for him to report to the institution with an ID card.

Three packages of examinations

The women's package will include a peripheral blood count with formula of interest and platelets, total cholesterol or control lipid profile, glucose level, glycated hemoglobin HbA1c determination, creatinine, general urine test, uric acid, and fecal occult blood.

The package for men, on the other hand, will include a peripheral blood count with formula of interest and platelets, total cholesterol or a control lipid profile, glucose levels, determination of glycated hemoglobin HbA1c, creatinine, a general urine test, uric acid, fecal occult blood and PSA (prostate cancer test).

The package common to both men and women is the measurement of blood pressure, measurement of weight, height, waist circumference and calculation of body mass index (BMI), as well as assessment of heart rhythm regularity.

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