Another coronavirus variant – Delta Plus mutation discovered

Another variant of coronavirus – Delta Plus mutation discovered

A coronavirus variant named Delta continues to mutate. Another variant of it – Delta Plus – has been detected in India. It is necessary to remain vigilant and monitor the situation, because Delta has a high epidemic potential, warns Supreme Medical Council expert Dr. Pawel Grzesiowski.

A new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus called Delta (first detected in India) has been spreading in Europe for several months now. It already accounts for 99% of all new infections with this pathogen in the UK. The first cases of the variant were also detected in Poland, as well as in Germany, Belgium and Spain. In India, however, there have been reports of a new variant of it – Delta Plus.

Delta virus continues to mutate, another Delta Plus variant has been discovered in India, the direction of change is a further increase in infectivity and faster development of the disease, with damage to the lungs – warns the Supreme Medical Council's expert on immunity on Twitter. COVID-19 Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski. According to him, it is necessary to tightly protect borders, test patients and speed up vaccinations. Preparations are also needed for the next wave of pandemic.

Despite the vacation, it is necessary to remain vigilant and monitor the situation, because the Delta variant has a high epidemic potential. The next wave could come quickly, daily data on new hospitalizations in real time with immunity status (vaccinated, recovered) needed – NRL expert states.

According to data from India's Ministry of Health, the Delta Plus variant has been detected in several states, such as Maharashtra (the third largest and second most populous), Kerala in southwestern India, and Madhya Pradesh (a state in central India).

President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products for Medical Devices and Biocidal Products Dr. Grzegorz Cessak assures of the effectiveness of vaccination. Cites a UK study showing that Pfizer's vaccine has a 96% prevention rate of hospitalization for the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, while AstraZeneca's has a 92% prevention rate. – The analysis included 14,019 cases of the Delta variant. Vaccines are the most important tool we have in the fight against COVID-19 – emphasizes on Twitter Dr. Grzegorz Cessak.

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