New paper prescription forms starting July 1, 2021.

New paper prescription forms starting July 1, 2022.

Only until the end of June 2022. You can use the existing prescription forms. July 1, 2022. new design of paper prescriptions enters. The box „NFZ provincial branch” was not provided for;.

In order to obtain new paper prescription forms, the prescription number ranges that appear on paper prescriptions must be downloaded from the National Health Fund. You can do it yourself by generating prescription numbers in the Personnel Portal or through the National Health Service by sending an application for the assignment of prescription number ranges (in which case the prescription numbers will be sent back by mail to the address indicated in the application).

However, the National Health Service is encouraging electronic prescriptions.

Can an individual medical practice employ dentists under contracts? This is one of the many issues that, when running a practice, it is worth consulting a lawyer. – There is a big legal mess in this field – says in an interview with Dentonet mec. Ewa Mazur-Paw┼éowska.


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