Hot weather is not a contraindication to COVID vaccination

„Hot weather is not a contraindication to vaccination against COVID”

Hot weather is not a contraindication to vaccinating against COVID-19 or delaying it, infectious disease specialist Dr. Pawel Rajewski told PAP. He added that one should simply take care to stay hydrated on hot days and avoid exercise for a few days after vaccination.

Weather should not be a contraindication to vaccination, to abandon or delay it. Hot weather is not such a contraindication either. The best is the COVID-19 vaccine, which we will take as soon as possible – emphasized doctor.

As part of vaccination prophylaxis during the summer, Dr. Rajewski recommended adequate hydration. – It is best to drink non-carbonated water. Sometimes there is a fever after vaccination, so if we forget water, and the heat and elevated body temperature are superimposed, it is much easier to become dehydrated. There may also be pain at the site of administration after vaccination. Therefore, on hot days, we should not physically work in the sun after taking the vaccine. Let's avoid it – explained a specialist in infectious diseases.

According to Dr. Rajewski, it is also advisable to refrain from sunbathing for 1-2 days after vaccination. – A small percentage of people may experience some form of photoreaction. So it is worth minimizing such risks. Let's not generate symptoms that can be caused by working in the sun or dehydration. These can overlap with post-vaccination reactions. However, let's not steer vaccinations by looking at weather forecasts or the fact that the weekend is about to arrive. Many people avoid vaccination on Fridays because they don't want to feel bad on Saturday or Sunday. This is an absurd approach. It's all about protection against severe disease, so 2 or 3 days of greater hygiene in our lives certainly won't hurt anyone – concluded the expert.

It is still unknown how long the post-vaccination protection from COVID-19 will last, and how often these vaccinations will need to be repeated. – I am cautiously optimistic on this subject – says in an interview with Dentonet virologist Dr. hab. n. med. Tomasz DzieciÄ…tkowski.


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