China dentist removed a sprouting strawberry seed from the mouth

China: the dentist took a sprouted strawberry seed out of the patient…s mouth

China: dentist took out a patient…s already sprouting strawberry seed from his mouth

In February this year. In Xuzhou township, China, a dentist removed a patient from between his teeth…an already sprouting strawberry seed. A photo of „the discovery” instantly circulated Chinese social media.

In February this year. A man was brought to Luo Ning Dentistry's office in Xuzhou city for a routine appointment. To the dentist's surprise, stuck between his teeth was…a strawberry seed that had already managed to germinate! It had to be stuck in the patient's mouth for at least 10 days, and the temperature and humidity in the mouth contributed to its development. A photo of „the discovery” instantly circulated Chinese social media and was flooded with comments from Internet users, in which those about the need for regular flossing… predominated;.

A dentist on a film set is a second-order need, but not for a movie where most of the actors still have milk teeth. It turns out that in the case of the shooting of Harry’s Potter, the dentist had something to do.

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