Can one be vaccinated with different vaccines

Is it possible to vaccinate with different vaccines?

Scientific Forum on COVID. COVID-19 at the Supreme Chamber of Physicians has issued a position statement on the possibility of continuing the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 with another company's preparation.

According to the CHPL of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine and current clinical experience, if a serious vaccine reaction, defined as an unintended and undesirable event or condition of deterioration of health, occurring during or after medical intervention, has occurred after the first dose of the vaccine within 30 days, the second dose of this preparation should be withheld.

One dose of AstraZeneca vaccine does not sufficiently protect against COVID infection. Current publications indicate that it is possible to continue the vaccination regimen started with AstraZeneca, with the Pfizer/BioNtech formulation, which is effective and safe. Continuation of a vaccination regimen started with a Pfizer preparation, off-label, requires the consent of the patient and the doctor – the communiqué emphasized.

The timing of the second dose should fit within 12 weeks of the first dose. – The above treatment is non-standard, so it is suggested to evaluate the concentration of post-vaccination antibodies 4-6 weeks after a dose of Pfizer vaccine – added.

It is still unknown how long the post-vaccination protection against COVID-19 will last, and how often these vaccinations will have to be repeated. – I am cautiously optimistic on this subject – says in an interview with Dentonet virologist Dr. hab. n. med. Tomasz DzieciÄ…tkowski.

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