Adam Smelczynski – dentist, six-time Olympian – has died

Died Adam Smelczynski – dentist, six-time Olympian

June 14, 2022. Adam Smelczynski – a dentist by training, Polish shooter, Olympic silver medalist, six-time Olympian died at the age of 90.

Adam Smelczynski graduated from the Medical University of Lodz with a degree in dentistry and worked as a dentist. He became famous, however, as an athlete – trained in shooting, a competition „trap” (shooting darts). Six times he participated in it at the Olympic Games, in Melbourne in 1956. won a silver medal. He was a bronze medalist at the 1967 World Championships in Bologna. Twice won the European championship: in Madrid in 1972. and in Brno in 1976. He won the Polish championship twelve times. He was called „the best douchebag of the Republic”.

He died on June 14, 2022. at age 90.

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